Royal Canin Kitten Wet Food Pouch with Gravy, 85g, box of 12

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Royal Canin Feline Kitten Instinctive Pouch in Gravy Wet Cat Food 85g, Box of 12.

Feline Kitten Instinctive Pouch in Gravy has a unique formula adjusted to the needs of kittens in their 2nd growth phase from 4 to 12 months, when the initial surge of growth has slowed a little.

During this 2nd growth phase your kitten develops its permanent teeth, and the size and texture of the food are optimal for its jaws.


Meat and animal by-products, grains, vegetable protein extracts, minerals, vegetable by-products, oils and fats, yeast, sugar.


Protein 12%, Crude ash 1.8%, Crude fibre 0.9%, Crude oil fats 4%, Moisture 78%. 

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