Rosewood Christmas Dinner Cat Stocking

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Rosewood Christmas Dinner Cat Stocking

The Rosewood Cupid & Comet Christmas Dinner Cat Stocking is the purrfect present for your cat to enjoy this Christmas.

Packed with treats designed to simulate a Christmas dinner, the stocking contains Salmon for starters, Turkey for the main course and Cheese biscuits for 'afters'.

The Rosewood Cupid & Comet Stocking also contains 2 plush mice toys for before and after dinner fun and play.

Ingredients: Salmon Bites 40g
Chicken & Chicken Products 70%, Salmon 15%, Vegetable Glycerin, Rice Flour, Astragalus, Taurine, β-Carotene

Ingredients: Turkey Strips 40g
Chicken 72% Fish Meat 10%, Vegetable Glycerin, Turkey 5%, Rice Protein, Taurine, VE, β-Carotene, Astragalus

Ingredients: Cheese Sticks 40g
Chicken & Chicken Products 65%, Fish Meat 12%, Rice Flour, Vegetable Glycerin, Cheese 5%, Astragalus, Taurine, β-Carotene, Stabilizers

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