Trixie Protective Car Seat Cover with Sides, Black & Beige, 0.65 x 1.45m

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Trixie Car seat cover with sidewalls, 0.65 x 1.45 m, black/beige

Car Seat Cover with Sidewalls

Made from nylon with a fleece cover, this seat cover goes on the back seat to protect against dirt and pet hair.

The High sides prevent your dog from jumping around or jumping out and therefore protect the door lining. This extra narrow version allows one person to sit next to it on the back seat.

The Base is made from water-proof nylon, to protect the upholstery against moisture.

Metal frame poles ensure a stable shape, and there are belt slits making it possible to attach a car harness to the seat belt.

Easy fitting and removal, and wipe clean.

Measurements: 0.65 × 1.45 mtr
Colour: Black/Beige


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