Beaphar Dog & Puppy Flea Spray, 150ml

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Beaphar Dog Flea Spray 150ml

Beaphar Dog Flea Spray kills fleas on your dog and prevents their return for 3 – 4 days. Based on pyrethrum plant extracts, a natural insecticide grown in Kenya. This spray is suitable for dogs over 12 weeks of age, and has a silent action pump spray, making it ideal for nervous dogs.

Contains sufficient to treat several large dogs, or one dog several times!

Beaphar Dog Flea Flea Spray should be used as part of an effective flea control programme. Fleas will often infest your pet's basket bedding and regular resting areas including carpets and soft furnishing. It is recommended that these areas should be treated with a suitable household insecticide such as Beaphar Household Flea Spray or Powder and vacuumed regularly.

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