KONG Ballistic Hide 'N Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

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KONG Ballistic Hide 'N Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

Ballistic Hide 'N Treat Dispense brings treat dispensing fun to the KONG Ballistic family. This durable plush toy, delivers two-in-one action, as a challenging treat puzzle and doubling as a fetch toy when closed.

Ballistic Hide ‘N Treat is designed with heavy-duty pockets and non-abrasive Velcro enclosures to hide treats and occupy dogs through varying levels of difficulty while providing a comfortable chewing experience. Open the pockets for an easy challenge or close them to increase the difficulty.

Alternatively close completely to turn the toy into a ball-shaped fetch toy. Made from canvas this toy is easy to clean while standing up to tough play sessions for long-lasting fun.


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