Anco Natural Tree Root Dog Treats

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Anco Natural Tree Root. Extra Small

Tree roots will not splinter like regular sticks, and are extremely durable. The perfect chew toy which also acts as a natural toothbrush!

They are suitable for every size of dog, and can also be given to many other animals, from mice to parrots.

Anco roots are all hand harvested in protected areas to ensure there is no damage to the roots. Only the tuber of the root is harvested which then sprouts again.

They are limited to a responsible number each year, keeping the ecological impact to a minimum!

For Fun, Chew & Play we strongly recommend that all pets are supervised with any treats and chews and that fresh drinking water should always be readily available to them at all times.


Protein 1.18%, Fat 0.11%, Humidity 22.51%, Ash 1.06%

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