Get Off Cat and Dog Repellent Crystals, 240g

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Cat and Dog Repellent Crystals 240g

Get Off My Garden Crystals are a safe and humane way to prevent cats, dogs, and other unwanted visitors from fowling on your lawn and flowerbeds. 

Simply dispose of any fouling, wash the area with clean water from a hose, and scatter the gel crystals on the ground (taking care to keep contact with soft-stemmed plants and grasses to a minimum to avoid discolouration).

A light scattering of crystals is all that’s necessary on lawns Get Off My Garden Crystals are also suitable to discourage digging, a freshly dug patch may only require one application to become totally effective, whilst fouled areas can take several treatments to completely eradicate the issue.

Get Off My Garden crystals are effective in all weather conditions.

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