Beaphar NutriSupport Senior Cat Supplement, 12 pack

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A delicious, salmon flavoured, nutraceutical health supplement made with natural active ingredients. Contains marigold, turmeric and yeast to support your cat's immune system, cell regeneration and well-being. Suitable for all breeds of cat.

Beaphar NutriSupport Senior is a delicious, salmon flavoured, nutritional health supplement made with natural active ingredients, including extract of marigold and turmeric, and yeast.

Marigold provides a source of lutein, which is important for brain function and retinal acuity, turmeric is a source of Beta-carotene, which is known to protect cells against free radicals and oxidative stress, and yeast has shown to be a good source of nucleotides to support cell regeneration.

Beaphar NutriSupport Senior is a soft jelly with no artificial colours, is hypoallergenic, low in calories, and perfectly adapted to help support your cat's immune system, cell regeneration, well-being and overall health.

Suitable for cats from 7 years of age or for cats showing signs of ageing.


Give 1 Beaphar NutriSupport Senior per day.

Beaphar NutriSupport Senior can be cut and given at different times throughout the day or all at once as a treat or reward.

For optimal results, administer daily for one month, up to four times a year. However, if required, this can be continued with no interval period necessary.

Always have fresh drinking water available.

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