Ferplast Ergocomfort Dog Harness, Grey

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Thanks to its innovative, ergonomic shape, the Ergocomfort Linear harness distributes the dog's pulling force onto his chest without affecting his neck and is not bothersome, thanks to the soft internal padding offering maximum comfort. It is also quick and easy to put on and adjust, has a quick release opening and closing system and can be perfectly adapted to fit dogs thanks to the with the micro-regulating system.

The models of harnesses differ for minimum / maximum size round neck and girth and for the weight of the animal: Extra Small, maximum 15 kg, Small, maximum 20 kg, Medium, maximum 30 kg, Large, maximum 40 kg, Extra Large, maximum 50 kg.

To find the most suitable size for your dog, we suggest you to accurately measure the circumference of girth (measurement B) and neck (measurement A).

X Small - A 28 to 38cm, B 37 to 47cm
Small - A 32 to 43cm, B 46 to 56cm
Medium - A 37 - 47cm, B 55 to 65cm
Large - A 50 to 60cm, B 70 to 80cm
X Large - A 64 to 74cm, 82 to 92cm

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