Burgess Excel Apple, Hazel & Willow Gnaw Sticks for Small Animals 80g

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Burgess Excel Gnaw Sticks. Apple, Hazel and Willow  90g

Suitable for guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas and other small animals.

These complementary healthy snacks will help wear down teeth keeping them in optimum condition.

Burgess Gnaw Sticks are naturally high in fibre and provide 100% natural and wholesome ingredients.

Not only do the Gnaw Sticks promote dental health but also provides emotional and social enrichment, keeping your pet occupied and happy.

These fantastic Gnaw Sticks can be given freely to your pet.

Willow Sticks (72%) • Apple Sticks (14%) • Hazel Sticks (14%).  A total of 10 sticks


Crude protein 7.4%, fat content 3.4%, crude fibre 43.1%, crude ash 2.4%, moisture 6.3%.

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