Johnsons Veterinary Diagel Dual Action Aid for Digestive Disorders in Dogs

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Johnsons Diagel Dual Action for Dogs

Diagel for Dogs is an effective aid for digestive disorders, that can help restore normal bowel movement.

Available in a 2 sachet pack for small to medium dogs, and a 3 sachet pack for larger dogs

Diagel granules contain water-absorbing nutritional fibres which swell to form a soft gel.

For loose bowel movements, the gel absorbs excess moisture in the gut, improving stool formation and consistency, and helping to aid a return to normal bowel movement.

With solid or impacted stools, the gel acts as a lubricant to soften solid stools and impacted intestinal content, assisting elimination, again helping to aid a return to normal bowel movement.

Diagel also contains vitamins and minerals to help restore the balance of electrolytes and glucose to aid recovery from digestive disorders. sachet 

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