Rosewood Christmas Naturals Small Animal Christmas Stocking

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Christmas Naturals Small Animal Christmas Stocking

Festive stocking for all little furries, with nibble snowballs, seasonal salad, fun festive wood gnaw and a crunchy tree for a Christmas they will remember.


Christmas Herbs (25g): Apple, oat herb, parsley (15%), alfalfa, wheat grass, nettle (5.8%), star anise, lemon balm (5.4%), dandelion (3.8%), meadow hay, peppermint (1.7%), chamomile (0.9%).

Grain-Free Tree (65g): Vegetables 61.9% (pea flour, carrot), Seeds 23.62% (grass seeds, canary grass seed, buckwheat seed, hemp seed, linseed, fennel seed, black cumin), Herbs 9.5% (nettle, parsley, peppermint, dandelion), rapeseed oil 3%, vegetable starch 1%, spirulina 0.5%, cowberry 0.48%.

Nibble Snowballs (75g): Coconut, extruded cornmeal, straw, alfalfa, carrots, vegetable starch.

Complementary Pet Food. As with all treats, offer sparingly to chinchillas and degus.

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