Trixie Christmas Cat or Dog Collar with Neckerchief

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Christmas Cat or Dog Collar with Neckerchief.

Nylon velvet neckerchief with plush polyester border.

With a golden buckle and bell to fit round your pet's neck.

And with a nice Christmas message embroidered.

Size: XS-S
Measurements: 20-30 cm/15 mm  Neck circum.: 20-30 cm

Size: S-M
Measurements: 30-40 cm/20 mm  Neck circum.: 30-40 cm

Size: M
Measurements: 37-47 cm/20 mm  Neck circum.: 37-47 cm

Size: M-L
Measurements: 45-55 cm/25 mm  Neck circum.: 45-55 cm

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