Hatchwells Hedgehog Food & Water Bowl

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Hatchwells Ceramic Hedgehog Bowl

This Hedgehog Bowl has been specially developed with the feeding and drinking habits of wild hedgehogs in mind.

It has been designed to allow easy feeding for wild animals in your garden, and is suitable for both food or water.

Made from high quality, high impact polystyrene which is 100% recyclable, the Hatchwells Hedgehog Bowl meets the needs of hedgehogs at feeding time. Hedgehogs are very messy eaters and often tip lightweight or sloping sided bowls over.

After lengthy research, these bowls have been designed at an ideal height ensuring they stay upright during feeding, suiting the feeding requirements of wild hedgehogs. They are also fully weather proof to ensure they can withstand all weather conditioning including frost, to make sure they don’t shatter and, unlike ceramic alternatives won’t break if they are dropped

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