Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Nugget Food

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Burgess Excel Guinea Pig with Mint  2kg

A delicious, complementary food for guinea pigs with added mint for extra taste and additional health benefits. High in fibre, Vitamin C and rich in nutrients to keep them healthy and happy. Pelleted food which prevents selective feeding. For Guinea Pigs of all ages.

Remember that good quality hay and/or grass should make up the majority of your guinea pigs’ diet and should be available at all times. Always ensure fresh clean water is available for your guinea pigs


Grass, wheat, soya bean hulls, oat feed , Hi Pro soya, lucerne, yeast, sugar beet pulp, mint (1.25%), soya oil, limestone, monoCalcium phosphate, dicalcium phosphate, salt, ligno-cellulose, short chain fructo-oligosaccharides, minerals.


Beneficial fibre 36%, crude protein 17%, crude oils & fats 4%,  crude fibre 17%, crude ash 6.5%.

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