Beaphar Worming Granules For Cats & Kittens, 4 x 1g

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Beaphar Worming Granules 4 sachet pack

Beaphar Worming Granules are an easy, no-nonsense answer to routine worming of cats over 12 weeks old.

This product is suitable for cats over 12 weeks old. Contains 4 sachets of odourless, tasteless granules, which can be sprinkled over a cat’s food.

One sachet treats a cat weighing 5lb/2.2kg. Safe and effective against all common roundworms found in pet cats in the UK.

Sprinkle the contents of the sachet(s) into your cat’s food and mix immediately before feeding. Give less food than usual to make sure it’s all eaten. Treat cats separately and make sure only the cat to be treated has access to the food.

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