Beaphar Multi Wormer for Dogs, 12 Tablets

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Beaphar Multi Wormer For Dogs 12 tablets

Multi Wormer For Dogs is a three-week treatment for roundworm and tapeworm.

This product is suitable for dogs over 6 months old. Contains 2 types of tablets: one against roundworms and the other against tapeworms. Give pink tablets on the first day, fawn tablets a week later, and pink tablets again a week after that. Effective against all common species of roundworms and tapeworms found in domestic dogs in the UK.

Tablets may be taken whole or crushed and mixed into the dog’s food. If your dog dislikes tablets, be sure to use a strong-smelling food, such as a piece of cheese, to mask the tablets.


Nursing females should be treated for roundworms 2 weeks after giving birth, and every 2 weeks until weaning.

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