Beaphar Care+ Rabbit Junior Food 1.5kg

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Beaphar CARE+ Junior Rabbit Food 1.5kg

Beaphar CARE+ Junior Rabbit is a very tasty, super premium complete feed. Each pack of CARE+ provides all the goodness your rabbit needs and the ‘all-in-one’ pellet ensures there is no preferential food selection, as each pellet has the same composition, therefore no leftovers in the bowl.

The hardened pellets support the natural wearing of the teeth and the small size of the pellets are ideally suited for young rabbits. Beaphar CARE+ Junior Rabbit contains vitamin E for the body cells, a suitable crude fibre content, vitamin A and calcium to aid in development together with aromatic herbs.

Beaphar CARE+ Junior Rabbit is a perfectly balanced feed for young rabbits up to 10 months age and is recommended for pregnant and nursing rabbits.

For pregnant and nursing rabbits, unlimited access to CARE+ Junior Rabbit is recommended.

Fresh drinking water and hay should be provided at all times.

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