All For Paws Outdoor All Road Dog Boots, Green

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All For Paws Outdoor Dog All Road Boots, Green  pack of 4

Whether you use them to prevent your dog’s pads getting sore from the frosty ground, or prevent cuts over rough and potentially damaging surfaces, these Outdoor Dog all Road Boots from All for Paws will keep your dog happy whatever the weather.

A water resistant upper makes the boots perfect for wet winter walks, They are also great to pop over a bandage or injured pad or nail. If you run with your dog then the boots will prevent thinning of the pads which causes soreness. These dog boots are sturdy enough to prevent salt and grit touching your dog’s paws when the snow and ice arrives.

A reliable hook and loop cinch ensures a perfectly fitting boot that stays in place as long as it needs to.

The outsole does not mark surfaces. 

Extra Small 3.5cm pad length

Small          5 cm pad length

Medium       5.7 cm pad length

Large          6.4cm pad length

X large        7cm pad length

XX Large     7.5cm pad length



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